In my questing to find ways to promote Protege, a few months back I came across a cool site called Inkoutbreak. Let’s be real — there’s millions of comics out there by pros and non-pros, and sometimes it’s as hard to find good content as it is for creators to get their work noticed. According to the founder Brian King, Inkoutbreak is trying to make both those things easier, as you can read from what I pasted from the site: is basically the easy way to follow and discover comics. For a reader this allows them to follow your comic without a reader or bookmarks. Why wouldn’t they just have a RSS reader? Well some of us readers are reading a few comics while we sit at work and slack off for a few minutes. Or then you have the not so tech savvy that does not understand what that orange block is on your comic. I’m not saying I want to replace RSS, or anything like that. I just want to make it easy for a reader to stay up to date with your comic, and for you to gain more readers that constantly check out your updates.

One other handy feature is Inkoutbreak will bookmark the last page you read, so if you’ve missed a couple updates you won’t have to worry about opening the wrong screen and dealing with spoilers.

To follow Protege on Inkoutbreak click the button in the box below:

It’s a great idea Mr. King has and I hope it works out. Go check out Inkoutbreak and find some cool comics.