Coltrane “Trane” Wallace

A former DSI (Defense Strategy Initiative) agent, Trane has been a freelance operative with a license to kill for over 25 years.

Zander Douglas

An engineering and weapons expert, Zander is the tech mastermind behind Trane’s operation.


International assassin-for-hire, rumored to be an Algerian national. Despite her young age (allegedly late-teens) she has quickly earned a reputation as a deadly and skilled killer.

Oscar O’Neal

Field Director for the DSI. O’Neal began his career at the DSI with Trane as his Lead Agent.

Carlos Uzziah

Ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary and avid collector of experimental weapons.

Devin Edwards

Seven years ago Devin quit his job as a Secret Service Agent to become Trane’s protégé.

Maxwell Lanois

Formerly a Lieutenant in the Counter-Terrorist unit of the French Special Forces. Founder and owner of Zed International, one of the world’s largest private military companies.

Reginald Mathers

Intelligence Agent reportedly associated with Corvus, a covert global information and data-gathering network.

Dr. Leon Shoo

The go-to guy when operatives and secret agents need medical care. Cash only, no questions asked.

Greta Clay

Teaches English Literature at CUNY. Her four-year relationship with Trane has lasted because of their uneasy agreement to avoid talking about his top-secret jobs.