“… a character driven spy-thriller that leaves you breathlessly wanting more.” – FanboyNation

“B+” – IGN

“PROTEGE favors gritty realism over James Bond style fantasy, which is portrayed in an art style that is decidedly noir. Above all, though, the writing is SOLID.” – Broken Frontier

“Top-notch indie espionage.” – BuyIndieComics

PROTEGE is an action comic book set in the world of high-tech espionage, international assassins and shadowy operatives. Coltrane “Trane” Wallace is an over-the-hill operative ready to put a lifetime in the shadows behind him and deal with his deteriorating health. When Trane becomes entangled with a young assassin code-named Allumette and begins to unravel a deadly international conspiracy, his retirement plans go up in flames. For more about the kind of story I’m trying to tell check out this post (it’s spoiler-free).

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Writer: Terence Anthony

Artist: Juan Romera