Even though chapter one is wrapped up, it feels to me like things are just starting. As I write the next chapters (mid-way thru chapter three right now) and look back on End Job, I’ve been thinking about the challenges of a first issue. Especially when it’s for a story meant to unspool over a long period of time. The first story arc of PROTEGE runs 3 issues/chapters (although I might split up #3). And, if you good people keep reading, I’ve sketched out the story for another 30 issues or so.

So the first 24 pages of a long narrative are tricky things. I wanted to throw enough to clearly introduce the characters and setting, but leave out enough so you want more. I wanted to set things up so I could tear them down, and leave you either wondering or anticipating how the story would rebuild itself. Of course, I didn’t succeed with everything. But if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve stuck it out through the first-issue fumblings.

We may hardly know each other, I know, but trust me on this much: we’re working hard to make PROTEGE an action comic — hell, a story — worth reading. Stay tuned!