Juan and I were both swamped this week, so no new page. Instead, I thought I’d ramble a little about some of my plans for the immediate future of PROTEGE, namely a trade paperback. If all goes according to plan, we’ll have all five chapters — the complete first story arc — wrapped by late this year. For now, I’m planning on launching a Kickstarter in November February 2014 to help fund a print run, and I’ve been taking notes on successful (and failed) comic book crowd-sourcing campaigns. Here’s my initial thoughts:

  • The fundraising will be about putting a high-quality, good-looking book in your hands for a fair price, bottom-line.
  • The TPB will include all five chapters, plus an exclusive backup story featuring art by Kay (COMPLEX). The image above is a sneak peek from one of the panels.
  • Various pledge rewards will include: high-quality color giclees of the covers to issues 1-4, original character sketches, an appearance in the comic as a background character, and a personalized “Person of Interest” dossier.

I’m still in the early planning stages, so I’d love to hear any thoughts and suggestions on what else you’d like to see included in a PROTEGE TPB and crowd-sourcing campaign.