p-8-pic1Apologies but my schedule has been overwhelming lately, and I’ve fallen behind in my PROTEGE duties. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get back on schedule, but until then expect the updates to be a little sporadic.

That’s the not-so-good. The good is, the delays are in part because a number of exciting creative projects I’ve got in the pipeline are moving forward.  My new play BURNERS will open in Los Angeles in March, 2017, produced by Moving Arts. BURNERS is set in a dystopian future where insurgent fighters are genetically engineered into human bombs. Additionally I’m writing and drawing a stand-alone comic book tie-in story set in the world of the play. If you follow my tumblr you’ve seen some test art I’ve been working on as I prepare to tackle this project as a writer/artist (yikes).

And then there’s a feature script I sold to an independent production company that is going through the rewrite/development process. It’s a supernatural drama and I’ll keep you updated on it’s progress as it moves ahead (or doesn’t, as is often the case with movies). I mainly want you all to know I’m not slacking… I can’t wait to get back to PROTEGE as soon as possible! — Terence