Man, some pages are hard to get out. I missed posting last week because once I sat down to letter this page, I realized the dialogue I’d written sucked. Some of the writing I’ve done on PROTEGE I’m pretty proud of, and other things not so much. But there are times when I finish a script, send it to Juan to draw, and don’t think about it for weeks until I letter it. And sometimes that time-gap brings a new view of the words I’ve chosen for the characters, and I realize it’s just not working.

Allumette’s dialogue didn’t sound right (I think I was missing the smart-assery of Zander). I wasn’t satisfied with Cronin’s backstory (he was Russian but I decided he should be Albanian, ’cause why not). And it’s always a challenge to write exposition that doesn’t bring the story to a screeching halt.

There’s probably more I’ll want to tweak in the future, but I think it’s improved. And if it still sucks, I’m sure y’all will let me know.