I finished writing chapt. 4 of PROTEGE weeks ago — maybe over  month ago — but I hadn’t sent it to Juan yet. I kept telling myself to get it to my artist since I was sure the script was locked (I like to tweak some things like dialogue and a panel or two right up to the last second before posting, but the issue as a whole was done). But something kept bugging me about it and I didn’t want the last issue of a 4-issue story arc to bug me. Last week I figured it out — chapt. 4 was not the end.

This story arc was always supposed to be a beginning (hopefully) of many more tales in the PROTEGE universe, but I realized the characters weren’t done yet. They were just getting to know each other, affect each other and make an impact. There were too many unsatisfactory loose ends, which are vastly inferior to the kind of loose ends that leave you wanting more.

So this arc is now 5 issues/chapters. Hopefully now these damn characters will let me get a little sleep.